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The Simplest Daily Habit Tracker App

Build Tiny Habits, Get Remarkable Results

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Simple, Clean, Effective

Habit Loop is a minimalistic habit tracker app. You just have to create a habit, check in daily, and make it stick.

Track Unlimited Habits

With Habit Loop you can track unlimited habits and To-Do items. No one likes annoying In-App purchases.

Forever Ad Free

Habit Loop will be ad-free, forever. Relax and focus on getting 1% better every single day.

Habit calendar

Visualize Monthly Progress

Habit Loop has a simple calendar view that allows you to measure your monthly progress for each habit. This helps you understand how you have been doing and which areas you might need to focus on.

Daily Habit Completion

The more you repeat an activity, the more the structure of your brain changes to become efficient at that activity. With Habit Loop, our aim is to help you build habit formation progressively through daily repetition.

Daily habit completion
habit notes and reflection